STC | Oil and Gas
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Oil and Gas

Our company may provide transportation services to and from all oil and gas major sites in Iraq. This may include the farfetched areas, and those with a very difficult geographical and ecological conditions. It also may provide transportation services for heavy equipment and those with large size. Slasel Al-Teeb Company (S.T.C) is ready to perform all safety and health requirements when there are challenges in oil and gas industry. We fully aware and acquainted with geographical conditions, which makes us able basically to provide and meet the unique needs for each agent or contract. “The last few meters are always the most difficult ones.” This is actually is applied to our task of supplies especially at the areas were we work that are described as very difficult environment. The basic character of Slasel Al-Teeb Company (S.T.C) is that we are specialized in a very huge equipment with large size at a very difficult environment with no infrastructure. Transportation and handling of heavy and big size goods are examples of services that we are working on besides long term experience in oil excavators. We are obliged to provide transportation solutions and submit new ideas for the changing requirements of Oil and Gas Industry.

1- Power plant of Halfaya
One shipment from vessel “ KSL FUYANG “ consignee : DQDC / PETROCHINA

2- Temporary rig’s import from china to freezone of Iraq “ stc storage area “
We work for that from , to : ocean fright ,custom clearance , inland transportation and storage

3- Rode serve from Umqaser port to all of oil field in Iraq for big unite and normal unite

4- Rexport rig’s for DQDC from Romila to Umqaser port than to china
Work on this shipment from , to : ocean fright , inland transportation and custom clearance .