STC | For General Services, General Transportation, Shipping, Discharging, and Custom Clearance
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   Our History

Our Staff

Our Vision

Our Objectives

Slasel Al Teeb Company (S.T.C) is one of the best companies that proves a high ability and capacity in the region in general and in Iraq in particular. It is characterized with high performance standards and performs the project in high accuracy. It was granted international certificates in general transportation, customs clearance and petroleum activities. These certificates were not granted randomly, but as the company plays a significant role in developing

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Our Task

We are working to submit high level of services to our agents. We are aware to secure the arrival of the shipments to our agents in a very accurate and adequate way and ON TIME. Moreover, we are working hard to perform our works that we agreed to implement in the same accuracy and adequacy. This makes us very distinguished as far as our performance to our tasks that are done correctly and are highly organized.

Customs Jobs

Our company  Slasel Al-Teeb  has a very good experience on all the kinds of the customs clearance jobs (permanent – temporary – duty paid) shipments for the (oil-electric power) projects And also for the government ministries and the trading , investment  companies. We always paying more attention for the clearance jobs specially the renewing work to save our agents from paying the

penalties because of the expiry of the customs declarations so we always made an archive for all of our agent’s shipments documents and save a copy of all the necessary documents to watch the dates to notify them before the expiry time to start doing the extending for the declarations at the legal time.

1. Clearance for the ( Temporary and Permanent )Shipments

2. Apllying the registration books for the Equipment

3. Extending the Custons declarations

4. Importing

5. Re-exporting

6. Insurance

7. Calculating the Penalties