STC | Our Staff
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Our Staff

Nobody can deny that our company, as it is, with all those huge projects that we had performed, needs to a very large team to fulfil the tasks perfectly. Our divisions are:

– Department for Operation and Projects It includes a specialized team with wide experience in project management and follow up activities. Its total staff is (10) employees divided into engineers and supervisors.

– Department of Translation Our company has in its organizational structural a department for translation. Its main task is to implement its activities perfectly, accurately and very professionally. It translates contracts and projects’ documentation, both huge and small. It includes translation into and from: English, Russian, Chinese and Persian languages. We have (8) translators in this department. This number is increasable in the near future.

– Financial Department It consists of three divisions. They are: -General Financial Management -Accounts of Departments Management -Accounts of the External Projects Management

– Department of Work Development and other minor divisions: The team of this department is looking forward to develop and manage our projects, both large and small, in accordance with global principles and bases that are synchronized with the last updates in technology and future plans of our company.

– Department for Coordination This department consists of a specialized team in following up the procedures electronically 24/24 h/d. they are working on a daily update to the company’s activities. Its total staff is (13) employees who are specialized in computer science, professional in using internet and foreign languages conversation.

– Department of Follow up and Inspection This department is the most transparent department among the others. It works on surveillance other departments’ activities to avoid the occurrence of any problems and settle all work obstacles. Its total staff is (12) employees.

– QHSE This department is our principal division. Thus, we nominate a team of (10) employees to follow up and manage safety issues of all our activities and avoid any breaches that may take place and then affect company’s reputation. It includes high resolution photograph cameras and video recorders to archive our activities, ( the head of this department is our safety Eng. And he has a safety passport and training ) .

– HR & Archive Administration ; include this department there is the HR manager to control our staff normal works ( time sheet , salary , new comers interview …. ETC )for the staff and the visas and security approvals for the Foreigners Employees  , and the archive admin his responsible for the documentation works for our clients .