STC | Our History
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Our History

Salasel Al Teeb Company (S.T.C) name keeps its fame over all works that we performed. This makes our history pages full of success stories. Our first activity started on (2005) that included many projects such as: customs clearance, transportation and general contracting. Through our partnership, we proved that we were with high specialty in these fields. Salasel Al Teeb Company (S.T.C) has a large fleet of (115) long trucks vehicles.

These include: Lorries, trucks, cranes, and other transportation specialized equipment. In fact, through the last years, our company enhanced its status as a company which is specialized in shipping heavy equipment of Oil and Gas industry.

This status is achieved by rendering a series of logistics services. The Heavy Cranes Section is working on supplying cranes with maximum load reaches (200) tons with cabinet of (32) axels with transmission load reaches (700) tons. Also there are cranes with double cabinet and others with low additional ones. The length of the low extensional cabinet cranes reaches to (12) to (21) meters these cranes are ready to lift large loads.