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Our Capacities in Transportation

 Oilfields Excavators Transportation

 Oil Exploring Equipment Transportation

 Logistic Services for Pipe Manufacturing

 Equipment Transportation

 Project Transportation

 Escorts and Protection for Group Transportation

 Rapid Deployment and Mobilization of both Equipment and Personnel

Infrastructure and Roads Pavement

One of our major projects is to pave the walkways. Our company is one of the pioneers and specialized in infrastructure projects. We performed projects such as roads pavements with asphalt and walkways pavements with decorated bricks in Basra City, Ports of Um Qasre and Ports of Khour Azzzubair.

Our Future Projects Plans

Our company implemented successfully many projects with high significant; they are: transportation of oil and gas products and equipment, customs clearance, excavation, exploring, refinery, transportation of vapour generators, oil-wells surface auxiliaries, pipe-line equipment, and measurement apparatus a long with transformational industry products. o Such activities are arranged in cooperation with: • Saman Group, such as: Patrol Stations. Oil Refinery Stations, Power Transmissions Stations, Chemical Filtration Laboratories, and many other projects all around Iraq. • Saman Cem,ent Factory in Samawah. • Electrical Power Plants for Saman Cement Factory. • Benzene Refinery Unit Project in Samawah City. • Saman Cement Factory in Samawah. The majority . • Refinery project oil Investment Commission Samawah .